Call for Papers

Important Conference Deadlines

Paper Submission Deadline: January 10, 2019.
Notification of Paper Acceptance: January 25, 2019.
Final Paper & Copyright: February 10, 2019.
Conference date: March 16-19, 2019

Conference Scope and Topics are followings (but are not limitted to)

  • T1: Industrial Design 
    Computer-Aided Industrial Design 
    Virtual Design and Design Visualization 
    Production planning and control 
    Facilities Planning and Logistics System Application
    Intelligent Design 
    Applications of AI Techniques in Design and Manufacturing 
    Car Design 
    Usability Design 
    Automobile structure 
    Transportation Systems 
    Design for Environment 
    Design for Manufacturing and Assembly 
    Digital Human Technique and Its Applications 
    Man-Machine Interface Design 
    Design and Manufacturing 
    Machine Applied 
    Mechanical Design and Application 
    Human-Machine Engineering 
    Kansei Engineering 
    Concurrent Engineering

    T2: Engineering and Automation 
    Mechanical Engineering 
    Manufacturing Engineering 
    Non-Traditional Manufacturing 
    Aerospace Engineering 
    Aerospace Systems and Technology 
    Thermal Engineering 
    Industrial Engineering 
    Mechanical Engineering Testing 
    Machinery Manufacturing Technology 
    Mechanical transmission control 
    Automation and Robotics 
    Electric drive control 
    Process Control and Automation
    Programmable Controller Applications in Engineering 
    Nano- Technology

  • Agile & Lean Manufacturing 
    Advanced Metal Forming, Welding & Casting techniques 
    Structural Dynamics

    Turbo Machines and Fluid Power Engineering 
    Renewable and Non conventional Energy Sources, Energy Systems 
    Case Studies 
    Electrical insulation technology 

    T3: Advanced Manufacturing Technology 
    (1) Cutting and grinding 
    (2) Non-conventional machining
    (3) High-speed machining
    (4) High-energy beam processing 
    (5) Numerical control technology 
    (6) Green manufacturing

    T4: Mechanics
    Nonlinear Dynamics 
    Solid Mechanics
    Plasticity Mechanics 
    System Dynamics and Simulation

    T5: Other topics
    Pollution and Environmental 
    Production Technology 
    Quality assurance and environment protection 
    Resistance and Propulsion 
    Oil and Gas Exploration 
    Textile and Leather Technology 
    Transport Phenomena 
    laser technology
    micro electronics technology
    Neural network
    Genetic algorithm
    objective optimization
    Fault diagnosis